Autotufter machine

A Cost Savings Solution To Tufting With Improved Handling & Productivity AutoTuft

AUTO-TUFT System – a fully automatic mattress tufting system complete with PLC control using Touch Screen Technology. Supplied with product in-feed conveyor and exit conveyor. Machine Speed Based on First to last Tuft: 3ft in 85 seconds 4’6 – 5’ in 105 seconds. 200+ Mattresses Per 8 Hour Shift Based On 3’, 4,6’ & 5’ Products.

Machine Features

  • Horizontal Feed Suitable For All Spring Types Including
  • Pocket Units, Latex and Futons Mattresses,
  • Helical Avoidance System,
  • Automatic Product Sizing,
  • Continuous Roll Feed Tufts & Washers,
  • Fast Change Over Times Between Different Tuft Lengths
  • Continuous Production of 80 – 100 Mattresses