Exact 2

  • The Exact 2 is a machine for the semi automatic tufting of cushions.
  • The machine consists of compression bars and needles. The needles are pre-loaded with buttons on Nyloops or Button tapes.
  • The cushion is then compressed and the needles pass through the machine and return, leaving the operator free to place the second buttons on the Nyloops or in the case of Long Short Button tapes, simply decompress the cushion, now fully buttoned.


Additional Info:

  • Maximum area for application of buttons: on this area the machine can fasten up to 25 buttons (on medium-density cushions) or up to 15 buttons (on very high density-cushions). Mm 720 L x 630 H
  • On request the machine can be supplied able to insert buttons on a maximum area of: mm L 1250 x 630 H
  • Max. thickness of cushion: Mm 250
  • Minimum distance between button and loop (subject to button diameter and cushion thickness): Mm 30
  • Air pressure 6 ATM/BAR – 90 PSI
  • Quantity of compressed air 50 NL each cycle
  • Height of working table Mm 830
  • Machine dimensions Mm 1160x830x1490 H
  • Packing dimensions Mm 1300x950x1750 H
  • Net weight Kg. 280
  • Gross weight Kg. 380