Autotufter machine

A Cost Savings Solution To Tufting With Improved Handling & Productivity AutoTuft

AUTO-TUFT System – a fully automatic mattress tufting system complete with PLC control using Touch Screen Technology. Supplied with product in-feed conveyor and exit conveyor. Machine Speed Based on First to last Tuft: 3ft in 85 seconds 4’6 – 5’ in 105 seconds. 200+ Mattresses Per 8 Hour Shift Based On 3’, 4,6’ & 5’ Products.

Machine Features

  • Horizontal Feed Suitable For All Spring Types Including
  • Pocket Units, Latex and Futons Mattresses,
  • Helical Avoidance System,
  • Automatic Product Sizing,
  • Continuous Roll Feed Tufts & Washers,
  • Fast Change Over Times Between Different Tuft Lengths
  • Continuous Production of 80 – 100 Mattresses

Button Mate 2

  • The Button Mate 2 is the solution for the specialist upholsterer who does not need high volume in button covering.
  • This simple robust construction press will cut button covers and cover buttons using two piece dies.

CB Button Covering Machine

  • Simple to use for covering buttons in any material (cloth , leather, synthetic leather, etc.)
  • The dies for covering buttons in different sizes are interchangeable with extreme ease.
  • The covered button is automatically ejected.
  • The closing pressure on the button and the rotation speed are adjustable.
  • Optimum production from 700 to 1200 buttons/ hour.
  • The running is pneumatic, the lubrication of the moving parts is automatic.
  • Upon request, the machine can be supplied with a hopper for button tops

Exact 2

  • The Exact 2 is a machine for the semi automatic tufting of cushions.
  • The machine consists of compression bars and needles. The needles are pre-loaded with buttons on Nyloops or Button tapes.
  • The cushion is then compressed and the needles pass through the machine and return, leaving the operator free to place the second buttons on the Nyloops or in the case of Long Short Button tapes, simply decompress the cushion, now fully buttoned.


Additional Info:

  • Maximum area for application of buttons: on this area the machine can fasten up to 25 buttons (on medium-density cushions) or up to 15 buttons (on very high density-cushions). Mm 720 L x 630 H
  • On request the machine can be supplied able to insert buttons on a maximum area of: mm L 1250 x 630 H
  • Max. thickness of cushion: Mm 250
  • Minimum distance between button and loop (subject to button diameter and cushion thickness): Mm 30
  • Air pressure 6 ATM/BAR – 90 PSI
  • Quantity of compressed air 50 NL each cycle
  • Height of working table Mm 830
  • Machine dimensions Mm 1160x830x1490 H
  • Packing dimensions Mm 1300x950x1750 H
  • Net weight Kg. 280
  • Gross weight Kg. 380

Flash B Garden Chair Mattress Filler

  • The Flash B is designed to fill cushions for Garden and Camping furniture
  • Utilising the RS Matic exclusive transport system which ensures gradual compression of the mattress avoiding folds or undulations allowing a smooth filling to take place.
  • Moving at 1.6 metres per second, a 45 x 120 cm mattresses can be filled in 10 seconds or less.
  • Cushion sizes: Thicknesses 2 cm Min. 10 cm Max. Widths 35 cm Min. 127 cm Max. Foam Density 30 Kg/m3 Max.
  • Overall 270 x 160 x 150 cm Machine weight 820 Kg

Futon Filler Machine

  • The Futon Filler machine has been specifically designed to fill Futons rather than mattresses.
  • Taking approximately 20 seconds to cover a futon 200 x 140 x 20 cm
  • Supplied with a device which loosens the cover when it is slipped on the transport bars and stretches it when the futon is filled, making the filling operation easy and quick.
  • These machines can be custom built to suit individual customer requirements.
  • Futon sizes: Widths 70 cm Min. 180 cm Max. Thickness 8 cm min. 25 cm max.
  • Overall, with table, 263 x 470 x 150 cm Machine weight 1350 Kg

Additional Info:

  • Width of mattress: cm 70/75 (28”)min / cm 180 (67”)max
  • Thickness of mattress: cm 8/25 (1,24”/10”)
  • Max. width, against inquiry
  • Absorbed power at the start: 7 Kw
  • Absorbed power: 5 Kw
  • Machine size with back table: cm 263x470x150h (103”x185”x59”)
  • Packing dimensions of machine: cm230x277x175h (90”x109”x69”h)
  • Packing of table: cm 277x230x105h (109”x90”41”h)
  • Machine net weight: Kg. 1.350 – 2.860 Lbs
  • Table net weight: Kg. 400 – 880 Lbs.
  • Machine gross weight: Kg. 1.570 – 3.454 Lbs.
  • Table gross weight: Kg. 550 – 1.210 Lbs.

Gold Finger Super Plus Cushion Filling Machine

Goldfinger Plus Cushion Filling Machine

Hand Swivel Button Covering Machine

Hand Swivel Button Covering Machine

Image of hand swivel press

Office Chair Coverer

  • Machine built to fill the cover on the rigid frame of office-chairs.
  • Max. dimensions back of armchair:Lunghezza: cm. 60/70 – Larghezza: cm. 60/65
  • Max. thickness back of armchair:20 cm
  • Supply pressure:7 BAR
  • Quantity of compressed air for each cycle:72 Normal Litri ogni ciclo
  • noisiness:70 DBA
  • Machine dimensions:Cm. 215 x 105 x 270 H
  • Net weigth:Kg. 600