Autotufter machine

A Cost Savings Solution To Tufting With Improved Handling & Productivity AutoTuft

AUTO-TUFT System – a fully automatic mattress tufting system complete with PLC control using Touch Screen Technology. Supplied with product in-feed conveyor and exit conveyor. Machine Speed Based on First to last Tuft: 3ft in 85 seconds 4’6 – 5’ in 105 seconds. 200+ Mattresses Per 8 Hour Shift Based On 3’, 4,6’ & 5’ Products.

Machine Features

  • Horizontal Feed Suitable For All Spring Types Including
  • Pocket Units, Latex and Futons Mattresses,
  • Helical Avoidance System,
  • Automatic Product Sizing,
  • Continuous Roll Feed Tufts & Washers,
  • Fast Change Over Times Between Different Tuft Lengths
  • Continuous Production of 80 – 100 Mattresses

Flash B Garden Chair Mattress Filler

  • The Flash B is designed to fill cushions for Garden and Camping furniture
  • Utilising the RS Matic exclusive transport system which ensures gradual compression of the mattress avoiding folds or undulations allowing a smooth filling to take place.
  • Moving at 1.6 metres per second, a 45 x 120 cm mattresses can be filled in 10 seconds or less.
  • Cushion sizes: Thicknesses 2 cm Min. 10 cm Max. Widths 35 cm Min. 127 cm Max. Foam Density 30 Kg/m3 Max.
  • Overall 270 x 160 x 150 cm Machine weight 820 Kg

Office Chair Coverer

  • Machine built to fill the cover on the rigid frame of office-chairs.
  • Max. dimensions back of armchair:Lunghezza: cm. 60/70 – Larghezza: cm. 60/65
  • Max. thickness back of armchair:20 cm
  • Supply pressure:7 BAR
  • Quantity of compressed air for each cycle:72 Normal Litri ogni ciclo
  • noisiness:70 DBA
  • Machine dimensions:Cm. 215 x 105 x 270 H
  • Net weigth:Kg. 600

Shrink Wrap

  • “P.W.M.” machine is a thermo-sealing machine which allows the vacuum packing of cushions made in fibre and other padding materials; this operation allow a considerable saving of space in store or shops.
  • The cushion, already into a polyethylene bag, is pressed by the machine, which contemporaneously closes the opened side of the bag by a resistance welding.
  • The machine needs no adjustment in it’s mechanical operation, whilst welding time, welding intensity and welding cooling time are adjustable. Also adjustable the pressure on the cushion.
  • On request, it is possible to supply an additional welding device; this is used to cut the plastic film next the welding.
  • On request, it is possible to supply a conveyor belt, which carries the cushion out of the machine.
  • The running is electric and pneumatic. The machine has apposite devices to comply with safety regulations.