Futon Filler Machine

  • The Futon Filler machine has been specifically designed to fill Futons rather than mattresses.
  • Taking approximately 20 seconds to cover a futon 200 x 140 x 20 cm
  • Supplied with a device which loosens the cover when it is slipped on the transport bars and stretches it when the futon is filled, making the filling operation easy and quick.
  • These machines can be custom built to suit individual customer requirements.
  • Futon sizes: Widths 70 cm Min. 180 cm Max. Thickness 8 cm min. 25 cm max.
  • Overall, with table, 263 x 470 x 150 cm Machine weight 1350 Kg

Additional Info:

  • Width of mattress: cm 70/75 (28”)min / cm 180 (67”)max
  • Thickness of mattress: cm 8/25 (1,24”/10”)
  • Max. width, against inquiry
  • Absorbed power at the start: 7 Kw
  • Absorbed power: 5 Kw
  • Machine size with back table: cm 263x470x150h (103”x185”x59”)
  • Packing dimensions of machine: cm230x277x175h (90”x109”x69”h)
  • Packing of table: cm 277x230x105h (109”x90”41”h)
  • Machine net weight: Kg. 1.350 – 2.860 Lbs
  • Table net weight: Kg. 400 – 880 Lbs.
  • Machine gross weight: Kg. 1.570 – 3.454 Lbs.
  • Table gross weight: Kg. 550 – 1.210 Lbs.

Super MF Mattress Filler

  • “SUPER M.F.” mattress filling machine is intended to fill mattress made in polyurethane foam and polyurethane foam with inner spring, and to fill cushions made in non-shaped polyurethane foam.
  • As the mattress goes thought the machine, it is reduced in size so that the cover can be slipped on easily.
  • It takes about 20 seconds to cover a mattress measuring 200x140x20 cm. (70″x55″x8″); this time becomes even shorter in proportion as the mattress is shorter in length.
  • Simply constructed but very efficient in operation, the “SUPER M.F.” is to be adjusted, according to the thickness (by crank) and the width of the mattress: the technical solution chosen on this machine allows a quick adjustment and allows to pass from a mattress width to another one and so on with extreme ease.
  • For a good operation of the machine, the cover opening should be long as well as a side of the cover and continue to the other sides for 10 cm.
  • Against request it can be supplied with a device which loosens the cover when it is slipped on the transport bars and stretches it when the mattress is filled, making ease the filling operation.
  • On request the machine can be supplied to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Additional Info:

  • Width of mattress cm 70 (20″) min. / cm 200 (67″) max.
  • Thickness of mattress cm 5 (2″) min. / cm 30 (12″) max.
  • Absorbed power at the start 6 Kw
  • Absorbed power 3 Kw
  • Machine size cm 255 x 220 x 160 h (116″ x 87″ x 63″)
  • Machine size with back table cm 255 x 362 x 160 h (116″ x 147″ x 63″)
  • Packing dimension cm 270 x 235 x 170 h (106″ x 92″ x 67″)
  • Machine net weight Kg. 830 – 1850 Lbs
  • Table weight Kg. 80 – 180 Lbs
  • Gross weight Kg. 1100 – 2450 Lbs